Get to Know the PMO


Connie Liou, MD Candidate

Amy Blackburn, MD Candidate

Julia Donner, MD Candidate

Daniel Yang, MD Candidate

Chris Demas, MD Candidate

Lauren Fish, PhD Candidate

Erica Hardy, MD, Faculty

Michelle Kwon, MD Candidate

William Lodge II, PhD Student

Christina Vasquez, PLME

Walker Maeder-York, MS Candidate

Bill Farber, Brown Alumnus

Alice Huang, MD Candidate

Alexis Giff, Brown Pre-Med Undergraduate

Samika Kanekar, PLME

Rebecca MacDonnell-Yilmaz, MD

Emilija Saigatyte, PLME

Jessica Velasquez, MD Candidate

Taka Yamaguchi, AMS Resident

Angie Paik, AMS Resident

Bryan Zheng, MD Candidate



Anthony Arcese, MD Candidate

John Cotoia, MD Candidate

Christine Hauck, Brown Alumna

Samantha Paul, MD Candidate

Daniel Perret, PhD Candidate

Danielle Castagneri, MD Candidate



Aron Licht, MD Candidate

Xiaoyu (Rain) Fan, Graduate Student

Julia Lerner, MD Candidate

Emily Wang, PLME

Vito Huang, Graduate Student

Jordyn Babikoff, PhD Candidate



Patrick Wasserman, MD Candidate

Julie Roth, MD, Faculty

Oliver Phillips, MD



Victoria Koenigsberger, PLME

Armita Manafzadeh, PhD Candidate

Cynthia Peng, MD Candidate

Rebecca Silliman, MD PhD

Myra Chaudary, MD


Soryan Kumar, PLME

Gerald Diebold, Brown Faculty

Katie Stiles, Resident

English Horn

Linda Diebold


Andrew Fukuda, MD PhD, Resident

Marvin Wasser, MD, AMS Faculty

Stephen Buka, ScD, Brown Faculty

Jennifer Yland, PhD Candidate, BU



Kayla Lee, PhD Candidate

Arthur Tenenbaum, MD

Andrea Thomas, PharmD


French Horn

Sue Shippee

Cathy Bledsoe

Megan Walch

Robert Johnston



Sean Lee, MD Candidate

Greg Thomson, PhD Candidate

Zachary Salomon, AMS Gateways 



David Marrocco

Nate Medsker



Ruben Lesnick, MD Candidate



Jairan Sadeghi, RN, MS Candidate

Gregory Serpa, PhD Candidate



Judie Tenenbaum